A Woman and her Cigar

People always ask how did I get started smoking cigars and I always give the same answer: Love made me do it! My ex and I were in Miami for a fabulous vacation and he complained I never smoke with him. Now let’s be fair, at the time he had been smoking cigars for at least 20 years and I had never smoked anything but the air. All while he is complaining I made the observation that he had no cigars with him and of course we would have to go and get one. Off we went. While I do not remember the name of the shop we purchased our cigar, I do remember the name of the cigar and how it made me feel.

My first cigar was the Alec Bradley Prensado box pressed Churchill with a 48 gauge. It was smooth, full of flavor and who knew that it was Cigar of the Year at the time. I could taste chocolate and hints of spice and it looked like oiled leather. It was exquisite and I knew immediately this was a love affair I would never end and enjoy the ride for the rest of my life. As I had never smoked before, I did not know what I was doing, but my ex would walk me through the process. I learned I should not inhale and the art of smoking a  cigar lasts for an hour or longer and a fine spirit must be involved while enjoying such decadence.

Men are always fascinated when they see me smoking. They are even more intrigued when they realize I am smoking a cigar with substance and having a fine spirit as well. I usually pair my sticks with bourbon, but that will be another post. While women who smoke cigars are becoming more popular, we are still an anomaly and one that many men enjoy. The conversation is always a lively one and oftentimes I have found a new comrade in my cigar life. An eclectic group of people can be found at my local watering hole and I will always be grateful to the ex that introduced me to this wonderful life of cigars and bourbon. I love my sticks.Harbourside-Place-Bourbon-and-Cigars


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